Our Services


Bicycle Service

Veni Vidi Velo is not your typical bicycle shop. We offer expert bicycle service. The goal in every repair is to enhance the relationship between you and your bicycle. We take unconventional but simple path to make that happen. How?, our focus 100% you, not products or services we want to sell you. By focusing on you, we will be able to understand what you and you bicycle need. We can then expertly guide towards our professional services and suggest the best products. 

Indoor Cycling Classes

Veni Vidi Velo uses CompuTrainer connected bike trainers to offer the most complete training experience possible within the confines of four walls. They provide instantaneous feedback on your workout, with your data displayed live and in real time. The CompuTrainer system’s dynamic resistance makes the ride feel as realistic as riding outside - minus the wind, rain and traffic. Workouts are programmed by our coaches and are designed to give you a workout that will make a noticeable improvement in your fitness.

Bicycle Fitting

Whether you ride on road or off, pedal casually or competitively like the champions above, bicycling is most comfortable and efficient when your bike and components are adjusted to fit your body correctly. We take care to ensure that your new bike is fit to you optimally. As you develop as a cyclist, maintain your equipment and travel with your bicycle, however, your adjustments and needs may change and require fine-tuning.