There are many different fitness goals for cyclists. Our approach is to allow you to ride with those who share the same goal, and our coaches and CompuTrainer equipment help tailor the workouts to your individual fitness needs. After your first class (free), there are lots of ways to sign up for cycling: drop in ($20), 5 class booklet ($90) or monthly unlimited cycling + yoga ($125).

Looking to build muscle and back strength, flexibility, tone and balance as an athlete or for your overall fitness?  Want to practice yoga with friends and family in a welcoming environment?  Our multi-level vinyasa flow yoga classes are great for fitness and priced right - drop in ($15), 10 class booklet ($120) or monthly unlimited yoga ($75).

Take a look at the types of classes offered at Veni Vidi Velo, and Sign Up for one that fits your goals today.


Maximizing the time spent at your limit is what characterizes the efforts in our Threshold series. These classes will help increase your power and endurance at your peak, and make you a better climber, sprinter and rider. You’ll see a variety of intervals at steady-state efforts, climbing simulations and short bursts of higher intensities throughout.

Strength & Endurance

Cycling is rarely mistaken for weight lifting, but with our Strength & Endurance classes, you’ll really notice a difference in your muscles. Using longer intervals and lower cadences, we’ll build your ability to apply torque consistently throughout your rides. These efforts can be anywhere from 8 to 25 minutes, but you’ll notice a difference the next time you approach that dreaded climb.

HIIT Intervals

How do you make those hard rides feel easier? By riding harder. Our HIIT Interval classes are designed to be hard, so your next ride outside is faster. Come prepared to dig deep - these efforts are above the limit and help build your maximum oxygen capacity. There’s no faster way to get faster - let us show you how.

Long Weekend Workouts

Long weekends are usually for relaxing, but our Long Weekend Workouts are anything but. These two-hour classes are designed to make you work. Hard. From endurance-building, aerobic conditioning, power-building VO2max efforts and more, we’ll hit you with everything but the kitchen sink. There’s no better way to earn your long weekend than after one of these.