Yoga at the Club

In the interest of maintaining flexible space (and club members), we've added two new classes to the weekly calendar - yoga classes! 

Why yoga? Cycling is tough on your muscle groups. There isn't a lot of dynamic movement in anyone's pedal stroke, and without other forms of movement many cyclists can and do experience muscle injuries. But it's more than just injury prevention. Maintaining flexibility not only lets you stay on the bike, it also helps with muscle recruitment, as flexible muscles more readily recruit new muscle fiber when you work out. So flexibility is key to maximizing your training, no matter what your goals are.

Beginning today, you can sign up for yoga classes at Veni Vidi Velo. Our current schedule features a Monday morning class at 6am with Stephanie to start your week off right and recover from the weekend's training or racing efforts. We'll also offer a Friday evening class at 5pm with Stephanie, designed to help you detox from the week and get ready for the weekend.

The studio provides mats and blocks, so all you need to do is sign up for one of our yoga classes and arrive 10 minutes prior to class.

See you Friday afternoon! 


Filagot Dinku