Welcome to the Club

There’s a reason so many rides start with a gathering, the group together before the adventure ahead. Sure, there’s often coffee, but it takes more than caffeine to get everyone out of bed at this early hour. Greetings are exchanged. Stories are told. Jokes are made and then the ride begins. We seek gathering places to come together in advance of what lies ahead, so that whatever comes might be shared. Building trust in each other to ensure that we can count on one another in the face of the challenge we extend to ourselves.

We’re excited to have opened another kind of gathering place, where coffee will be brewed, fitness will be built and the cycling community can come together to encourage and support each other. Veni Vidi Velo Cycling Club is a cycling studio that will offer the same feeling of community inside that we gravitate to when we ride outside.

Join us for a ride in one of our conveniently scheduled morning or evening classes. We’ll have the coffee brewing, a tough workout ready and the opportunity to build fitness and community together. Your first class at Veni Vidi Velo is free, and for a limited time you can take advantage of our Grand Opening offers to save even more (details below). 

Stop in and take a spin - we’ll be here for many more rides, workouts, races and other events. Bring a friend - all are welcome.

Veni Vidi Velo Cycling Club
4620 Lee Highway, Suite 109 (Basement)
Arlington VA 22207

Come, see, ride. We’ll see you in or outside.


1st Class Free - Sign up here.

Drop-in classes $20 (Regularly $30) with code “$20CLASS” at sign up. Sign up for as many as you like!

First month of unlimited membership $99 (Regularly $190) with “Holiday Hammerfest” Membership sign up

Offers valid until 11/30/2016.