We offer multi-level yoga classes for people who have never done yoga to experienced yogis.  Our studio provides a welcoming environment - no mirrors, fun music, with a relaxed vibe for you to learn and deepen your practice.  

- Are you a runner, cyclist or fitness athlete who can benefit from improved flexibility, strength and balance?  

- Want to prevent injuries and see marked performance improvement in your main sport?

- Want to do yoga with your kids (generally ages 8+), partner or friends, but all different levels (including newbies)?

- Experienced yogi who wants to deepen your practice with a terrific community close to home?

Our studio is a wonderful place for you!  Our multi-level classes are taught in an athletic vinyasa flow style with options provided for different levels.  Each person will get a good workout and enhance your flexibility, strength and balance, regardless of your yoga experience. Our small class size means that you will get individual attention and progress rapidly.  Athletes who have practiced yoga for a few months with us note a significant increase in their strength, flexibility and balance, enhancing their core sports and helping prevent injury.  

We also offer multi-week series of yoga classes focused on a particular group or sport.  Join our new 5 week "Yoga for Teens" for teenagers with a focus on crew, cycling and baseball athletes!